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Empowering companies across the globe to make better financial decisions.

From start-up to world-class. Intelligent spend management & AP automation that's powerfully different.

From our earliest days to the present, we’re humbled by the difference we’ve been able to make for companies and employees all around the world.

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The heart of Paytron

Get to know the values that guide us in our mission to empower companies across the globe in making better financial decisions.

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We believe in putting our customers first. This is at the core of everything we do. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that's why we've designed our platform to be highly customisable, with the flexibility to adapt to each customer's unique needs.

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Driven by innovation

We don't settle on what's been done before. We build our product to streamline all aspects of the finance function. Paytron is built on the best in class AWS technology.

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Commitment to excellence

Our customers trust us with their business, and we take that trust very seriously. We're committed to delivering customer value across our platform, and across our support services.

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A team of Fintech all stars

Get to know our team of highly-skilled, knowledgeable individuals driving innovation and empowering our customers to succeed.

Francois Henrion, Co-founder of Paytron
Francois Henrion

Francois is co-founder of Paytron. He has worked in global investment banking for over 20 years. He was previously Head of Digital Trading Global Markets at Standard Bank South Africa and Head of Equity Finance Trading at Barclays Africa Group Limited.

Jaco Veldsman, Co-founder of Paytron
Jaco Veldsman

Jaco is co-founder of Paytron. He spent 12 years working around the world in banking and finance positions before settling in Australia, where after a few years in banking, he became the Chief Revenue Officer of ABN AMRO (APAC) and CEO of Epoch Capital (UK).

Stu Hallows, Chief Risk Officer at Paytron
Stu Hallows
Chief Risk Officer

Stu is Chief Risk Officer at Paytron. He has over 20 years of experience and expertise, establishing and improving structures and risk frameworks. He was previously COO of Xchainge, and CEO of NexPay and Director of Operations (APAC) at Pacific Western Union Business Solutions.

Justin Stals, Product Lead at Paytron
Justin Stals
Product Lead

Justin is Product Lead at Paytron with a background in software engineering and product design. He was previously Software Engineer and Research Analyst Intern at AirTree Ventures, and Data-Driven Product Developer at Stake.

Fiona Tran-Wong, Head of Account Management at Paytron
Fiona Tran-Wong
Head of Account Management

Fiona is Head of Account Management at Paytron. She was previously Key Account Manager at Tyro Payments and Director of Operations at SimplePay.

Jason Wong, Treasury - Product Controller, Paytron
Jason Wong
Treasury - Product Controller

Jason is Treasury - Product Controller at Paytron. He was previously FX & Rates Sales Trading Assistant at JP Morgan and Reconciliations & Control Manager at Perpetual Limited.

James Bamford, Business Development Manager, Paytron
James Bamford
Business Development Manager

James is Business Development Manager at Paytron, assisting accounting professionals to understand cloud solutions that will help optimise their time by removing manual workflows and replacing them with automated, scalable options. He was previously New Business Team Leader at Dext.

MIchael Jones, Principal Software Engineer, Paytron
Michael Jones
Principal Software Engineer

Michael is Principal Software Engineer at Paytron, who is deeply engaged with excellence in engineering organisations, believing high performance comes from high trust, high collaboration environments. He was previously Lead Developer at Macquarie Group and IBM.

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Get in touch with our team or request a press kit by emailing hello@paytron.com

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