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Business accounts

A multi currency account to collect funds with local USD, EUR, GBP & AUD details and send transfers to 180 countries

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Spend management

Control budgets, approve expenses, issue cards to global employees, digitally capture receipts in realtime

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Payable automation

OCR, categorise, PO match, approve and pay global bills, employees and vendors. Setup approval policies and approve on your mobile

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Payments & Payroll

Send thousands of payments without hiring a programmer, pay staff securely with one click.

Streamline your business payments and control your card spend

The business account that allows you to collect funds from in multiple currencies, issue cards to global employees, and spend like a local in 37+ currencies.

Paytron's payments overview - bills, approval history, currency, payment status

Streamline invoice management and payment processes

Paytron integrates with your accounting software to simplify the entire payments process. Build customisable approval rules and workflows to suit your business, and use our OCR technology to automatically extract line items.

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Budgets & Spend Controls for Global Cards

Set up project or team budgets, create vendor-specific approval workflows, issue corporate cards to employees or for subscriptions. Whatever your business needs, Paytron's flexibility gives you complete control and cash flow visibility.

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Paytron cards - employee cards, subscriptions, cards for teams
Paytron currency conversion screen and virtual business accounts

Simplified international transactions

With Paytron, you can get paid with USD, EUR, GBP & AUD bank details, hold and convert 37 currencies at wholesale rates, send same-day transfers to 180 countries and spend with borderless cards. Manage global subsidiaries in multiple currencies by setting up global business bank accounts in a just a few clicks. A treasury overview of upcoming group payments allows for better financial planning and management of cash flows.

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Effortlessly manage and reconcile batch payments

You can easily pay thousands of staff and vendors with just one click, and automatically send out remittance advices. Plus, there's no need for complicated code to send thousands of payments at once.

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Payroll payments sync from Employment Hero to Paytron

Simplify your payment process with Paytron

No more manual reconciliation and outdated processes. We make your whole payment process a breeze.

Simplify your payment process with PaytronSimplify your payment process with Paytron

Seamless integrations

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No more doubling up on accounting work. Bills paid in Paytron are instantly reconciled in Xero.

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Send payroll payment details from Employment Hero to Paytron in one click, no ABA files required.

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NetSuite and MYOB Advanced integrations are coming soon.

Paytron integrates with Xero and Employment Hero

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Sign up in minutes

Sign up in minutes

Sign up in minutes

Answer the onboarding discovery questions, and prepare documentation to verify your account. Submit two forms of identification for approval before the first payment can be made in Paytron. Once submitted, it can take 24-48 hours before the account is approved.

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Add your products

Add your products

Add your products

Paytron is a powerful all in one software packed with products you can leverage for your business. This includes virtual credit cards with expense management, global bank accounts and currency conversions, accounting and payroll software integration, pre-accounting workflows and approvals.

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Start transacting

Start transacting

Start transacting

To make a payment in Paytron, you will need to first fund your Paytron account. Choose how to fund the transaction, date of payment and amount. You can code the accounts to be instantly reconciled in Xero. You can also upload the invoice or forward it with built-in security and compliance checks.

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We’re here to help

We’re here to help

We’re here to help

Paytron’s Customer Success team will support you every step of the way. You can speak to us using our online chat or email You can register for a live Paytron 101 Webinar to learn more.

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Experience the Paytron advantage

With all-in-one finance, you can gain control and streamline your accounts payable process while managing your spend from a single app.

Paytron all-in-one finance to streamline your accounts payable process