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Pay and reimburse employees globally

Increase efficiency, accuracy, and compliance for payroll and HR teams, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

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Process payroll payments in one click, without ABA files

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Protect payroll data without hindering the payments process

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Pay staff worldwide without fuss

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Trusted by leading finance teams

Make payroll payments in one click

No ABA files, bank cut-off times or data leak risks. Paytron's integration with Employment Hero means your payroll and payments are private and secure.

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Payroll payments sync from Employment Hero to Paytron
Payroll user roles in Paytron secure privacy of payroll information

Ensure privacy of payroll data while collaborating with finance teams

Assign unique user permissions for your payroll data without impacting your finance and HR teams day-to-day work.

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Pay staff globally with ease

Create unlimited virtual accounts in up to 37 different currencies for near real-time payments. You can also pay anyone, anywhere in over 180 currencies. You'll have complete oversight of your global costs in your master currency.

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Paytron's expenses overview for global staff reimbursements

Experience the Paytron advantage

With all-in-one finance, you can gain control and streamline your accounts payable process while managing your spend from a single app.

Paytron all-in-one finance to streamline your accounts payable process