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Pre-accounting like you’ve never seen before

A new way of managing all tax invoices and expense receipts. Move at the speed of light with unbeatable cash flow visibility.

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Paytron workflows - make a payment

Trusted by leading finance teams

Introducing a better way to prepare your payments

Paytron has revolutionised the way businesses manage payments, and now we're revolutionising the way you prepare your payments. We'll soon be launching our latest offering: Paytron Workflows.

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Paytron workflows
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All the benefits of Workflows

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Accountant initiated KYC setup

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Upload and prep tax invoices and expense receipts

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Populate data in seconds with OCR scanning

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Get your payments approved with clients or business units

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Work in high volumes by applying batch edits to files

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Automatic fraud checks, and ABN and GST validation checks

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Better together: approval workflows & payments

Remove delays from your approval and payments process. Paytron's workflows give you direct control over expense approvals, scheduling, paying, receipt of payment and reconciling. No more emails, no more ABA files, no more bank cut-off times.

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Create approval workflows in Paytron
Automated invoice data capture using Paytron's OCR technology

Payable problems are eliminated

Eliminate capturing bank details and receipts manually. Paytron’s security features guard against fake sales tax registration and invoice tampering. No more inefficiencies and delays in chasing receipts and reconciling spend.

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Eliminate tedious accounting preparation

All in one accounting platform to prepare, capture, categorise, and reconcile your transactions. Save time wasted on preparing data for month-end by consolidating tasks into a single, streamlined platform that reduces the risk of errors. Businesses can focus on what they do best, rather than getting bogged down in accounting tasks.

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Workflows, approvals & payments, in one place

Manage your accounting like a pro. Prepare invoices and expense receipts in one place.

3 stages of Paytron - pre-accounting workflows, custom approvals, schedule for payment

Track and execute your pre-accounting tasks

Upload multiple invoices and receipts via file upload or email. Paytron’s OCR will will extract the due date, bank account details, and currency. Define beneficiaries, set categories, and define tax treatment as we run ABN and GST validation checks and fraud checks. Submit to Xero and it’s ready for payment.

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Upload documents
Scan documents
Submit payment to reconcile in Xero
“We work with our clients in real-time together off the same system. There’s no need for back and forth emails over invoices. We now have more time to better service our clients.”

Liam McNamara

Head of Outsourced Finance

“Our entire payment process is automated and our suppliers are paid on time, we no longer need to worry about admin and can focus on what we do best.”

Marlize Henrion

Group Operations Manager

Experience the Paytron advantage

With all-in-one finance, you can gain control and streamline your accounts payable process while managing your spend from a single app.

Paytron all-in-one finance to streamline your accounts payable process