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More than just a bank feed

Our two-way real-time sync with Xero removes all your manual steps.

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Paytron's two-way real-time sync for instant reconciliation with Xero

Why use Xero with Paytron

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Paytron always updates and syncs with Xero in real-time.

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Instantly reconcile bills in Xero once payments are made.

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Eliminate manual invoice entry. All invoices are pulled straight from Xero into Paytron for payment.

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Make international payments without reconciliation errors due to estimated FX rates and rounding errors.

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Domestic and international bill payments, and expense management all in one place.

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Make your business payments work harder for you

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Send same-day payments to over 180 countries

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Save more with FX rates 5x-10x cheaper than the banks

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Schedule and approve payments in advance

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Automate the accounts payables process

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Collect, hold and send funds in local or foreign currencies with a multi-currency business account

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Paytron's multi-currency business accounts and conversions
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How to get started

  1. Ensure you have an account with Paytron and Xero.
  2. In Paytron, head to Setup > Integrations - Accounting Integrations to 'Connect Xero to Paytron'.
  3. Sit back and watch the magic happen.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Paytron and Xero integration. Read more on our Paytron/Xero integration support article.

Can I reconcile the payment to Xero?

Select ‘l know what to do' when creating a payment. This will allow you to enter any account code from Xero synced from your Chart of Accounts. Coding your payment from Paytron will send a payment feed directly to Xero, which will auto reconcile the bill.

Can I instruct my accountant to reconcile the payment?

Select ‘let my accountant do it’ when creating a payment to directly send through a bank feed to Xero. Your accountant will then be able to reconcile the bill in Xero and match it to the corresponding bank feed.

Why are my Xero Tax codes different in Paytron to Xero?

We use standard Xero tax codes in the Paytron System, specific to your region. If you have customised your tax codes, please contact our support team at

My transaction isn’t syncing to Xero?
  • Log in to the Paytron app.
  • Click on the Payment tab.
  • Filter and locate your payment.
  • Click on More details.
  • Click on the Xero link.

This link will take you directly to the corresponding Xero invoice.

Payments in Xero - Awaiting Payment don’t appear in my Paytron account.

Please ensure that your account is connected to Xero.

  • If Paytron is showing connected, disconnect Xero in the Paytron app and reconnect.
  • If you are still unable to see Xero Payments, please contact

Note: When you connect Xero to Paytron for the first time, we don't currently pull Bills that are already in Xero in Awaiting Payment status.

Why is my Paytron Global Account not appearing in Xero?
  • Your Paytron Global Account will automatically be created in Xero once you complete your first payment.
  • If you do not see foreign currency Global Accounts, ensure that you have upgraded your Xero subscriptions to support foreign currencies.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with our support team who are happy to help.

Trusted by many Xero customers

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I can just live in Paytron

The idea that I could just hit ‘pay’ for an already approved invoice right out of Xero without needing to do a separate bank upload approval email to a client is amazing!
Ernest Chunge, CharterNet

Ernest Chunge


A Swiss Army knife for accountants and bookkeepers

A very well thought out piece of software which has managed to replace multiple add-ons on our clients due to its wide range of functionality within the core financial operations space.

Aaron Seeto


Massive time saver!

Loving the amount of time Paytron is saving us. Instead of having to use a bunch of different systems to pay and reconcile invoices (especially cross border FX), we're just using Paytron now. Also I've now got more control and visibility on our expenses. AMAZING app.

William Wang

Xero app store review

Game changer for payments

We have used Paytron for managing supplier payments and payroll. Its clean interface and easy to setup approval workflow means we can streamline payables whilst maintaining security and integrity of payments and integration to Xero.
Lachlan Bonser

Lachlan Bonser

Xero app store review

Awesome product

It streamlines the finance function workflow and gives a better approval oversight on payments where required. The support is second to none and I highly recommend.
Liam McNamara

Liam McNamara

Project Alfred

Versatile payment platform

Paytron has proven to be an intuitive platform to use and a great addition (dare I say replacement?) to some of the core applications in our technology stack.

Jacob Minor

Xero app store review

All in one solution

With Paytron you can manage your local and international payments, payroll and expenses in one place. All transactions sync to Xero with zero reconciliation required by the user.
Henrion Marlize

Marlize Henrion

Full Life OT

Game changer

One of, if not the most useful app I have used with Xero. Not only does the product do what it is designed to, it does it extremely well, UX is great, customer service is impeccable and they also really listen and adapt to customer needs.

Chris Davey

Xero app store review

A must-have for international payments

The flexibility and agility of being able to open multiple overseas bank accounts is a game changer for us as it has fast-tracked our international expansion plans.

Joven Demonteverde

Xero app store review

Integrates seamlessly into Xero

I have a lot of cross border payments and the ability to use Paytron who integrates seamlessly into Xero has been a godsend. I am saving time and I can focus on new clients and revenue.

Tim Smith

Xero app store review

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Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business. It’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

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