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Approval Workflows

Shape workflows to suit your needs

Save time with approval automations and centralise approval conversations.

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Save time with customisable
approval automations

Leave repetitive, manual work behind by setting up approval automations that will do the legwork for you according to your company’s policies. Define when payments can be automatically approved or require manual approval so you're still in control.

Know everything without having to ask

No more chasing payments, no more wondering if a bill has been paid. By having your entire team on Paytron, no matter where in the world they are, everyone will always know where each payment is in the process, who it’s sitting with and when it’s getting paid.

Paytron workflow roles

Grant visibility without sacrificing security

Set up individual user access within Paytron with unique roles like view, edit, or approve to suit your operational needs and prevent accidental tampering of data.

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Paytron workflow rolesPaytron workflow approvals
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What are advanced approval workflows?

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Advanced approval workflows include multi-stage approvals, approvals on any resource, team-based approvals and resource-specific approvals (for example, different settings for different beneficiaries). We allow users to customise settings that are specific to the resource being approved. You can set up rules and conditions for when payments should be automatically approved or require manual approval.

For example, you might set up an advanced approval rule that automatically approves all payments under $500, but requires manual approval for payments over $500. This workflow can help you to streamline the payment process while still maintaining control over larger transactions.

How do approval workflows help my business?

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You can create multiple approval workflows to cover different scenarios, and you can also set up notifications to alert you when a payment requires manual approval. If you create multiple stages to your workflow, the approvers in the first stage will be notified via email as soon as an item moves into "Needs approval" status. The approvers in the later stages will only be notified once the previous stages have been completed. The approvers in the later stages can approve at any time, but the item will only move forward once the requirements of a stage are complete.

This gives management the spend policy they can actually control and the segregation of duties save time for your CFO and upper management.

Approval workflows can help you to improve the efficiency and security of your payment process, while still giving you the flexibility to review and approve transactions as needed.

Who are approval workflows for?

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Paytron’s approval workflows were built for businesses that require complex structures, with procedures and processes in place that have far more steps. Approval workflows have been designed to be more customisable to give businesses greater granular controls. We listened to requests from users to extend existing approvals to support more conditions and roll out approvals across more entities like beneficiaries, conversions, direct debits, expenses, and more.

What makes Paytron’s approval workflows unique?

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Approvals and payments are built in one app

There’s no need for app switching and multiple app subscriptions. Once an expense has been approved, the payment moves into the “Scheduled” status in Paytron.

No coding required

Easily set up and manage approval settings for any resource within the app's intuitive interface. Controls and approval customisations scale with your business.

How is it connected to the accounting system?

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Paytron offers an automatic integration with accounting software Xero and soon NetSuite. This means that when a payment is approved, the details of the payment are automatically recorded in the accounting system using your resource accounting codes from your Xero chart of accounts.

What’s next on the roadmap?

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Teams and departments

Many businesses use a multi-stage approval process where sign-off must pass through different departments or teams. For example an invoice may be approved by marketing initially, then signed off by the finance team. Users will soon be able to manage their department and set up approvals based off of pre-defined structures within a department rather than just lists of individuals.

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