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Manage spend with more control

Control spending across the business with employee corporate credit cards.

Paytron corporate credit app

Meet your new corporate credit card

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Set a credit limit for spending to pay back at a later date.

Paytron corporate credit card sets spending limits for team
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Unlock access to credit in as little as 24 hours with no personal guarantee

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Built-in spending controls prevent uncontrolled spending

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Instantly issue, pause, and cancel cards at anytime

Replace employee reimbursements

Free yourself from chasing employees for receipts, owing employees money or processing reimbursements. Issue every employee with a corporate credit card and process all card payments in Paytron.

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Paytron receipt upload expenses app integrates with Xero
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Set spending limits and restrict merchants

Never worry about employees going over budget again or having deductions made from unapproved vendors.

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Unlock credit to free up cashflow

Pay upcoming invoices using the credit card functionality to free up your cashflow and bring greater flexibility to your business operations.*

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Issue unique cards for every business subscription

Minimise the risk of fraud and organise all your business expenses for seamless tracking. No more card sharing or tracking down payment reasons.

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Less manual work for businesses and accountants

Paytron automatically reconciles completed receipts into your Xero chart of accounts, with no further action.

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Expense management

Organise all Paytron card expenses by assigning expense categories and automatically close claims in your accounting package.

*Subject to credit card approval.

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The Paytron difference

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Auto-categorise expenses


Push notification prompt for immediate receipt capture


Auto top-up of card balance


Splitting out receipts for GST and non-GST line items



Multi-currency cards


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