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Unlock access to credit in as little as 24 hours with no personal guarantee

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Built-in fraud protections of the Mastercard network

Why get a Paytron corporate credit card?

Boost business operations

Free up your cashflow

Optimise your cashflow with a quick-approval credit limit and a 44 day interest free period.*

Start saving on international payments

Save up to 3% on international purchases with bank-beating FX rates.

No more reimbursements

Issue every employee with a corporate card and process all card expenses in Paytron.

*Subject to credit card approval.

Paytron corporate credit card sets spending limits for team

Detailed expense management

Improve expense documentation

Follow an automatic prompt for receipt capture via our mobile app. Add notes to expenses or upload additional supporting info.

Keep expenses organised

Apply categorisations to expenses in your accounting package or create your own custom expense categories.

Less GST worries

Simplify the application of the correct tax treatment (GST).

Paytron receipt upload expenses app integrates with Xero

Gain visibility and control

Better oversight

Make sense of your spend with automatic merchant identification.

Set spending limits and restrict merchants

Never worry about employees going over budget again or having deductions made from unapproved vendors.

Unique cards for every business subscription soon

Minimise the risk of fraud and organise all your business expenses for seamless tracking. No more card sharing or tracking down payment reasons.

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Paytron corporate credit cards summary page
Paytron corporate credit card sets spending limits for teamPaytron receipt upload expenses app integrates with XeroPaytron corporate credit cards summary page
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Our frequently asked questions about Paytron corporate credit cards.

What costs are associated with Paytron cards?

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Paytron's standard monthly pricing per user applies to cardholders
Lite plan - 1 user included, $9 / additional user
Growth plan - 5 users included, $7 / additional user
Custom plans - Custom pricing negotiable

Note: This is not an additional fee for cardholders on top of the monthly pricing per user.

Interest on company credit

  • An interest rate of 20% is applied if a company has a balance outstanding at the end of the interest free period of 44 days.
  • A minimum repayment of 3% or $20 (whichever is higher) applies to each card at the end of the statement period.
  • A late payment fee of $20 applies if the user misses their minimum repayment.

How do Paytron corporate cards connect to Xero?

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Here's a summary of the flow of information between Paytron corporate cards and Xero's accounting software:

1. Connect your account to Xero.

2. When are card transactions pushed to Xero?
Card transactions sync to Xero when an expense is closed. To close an expense, you must first provide an expense category for it (a tax invoice and any tracking categories you use are recommended), then click "Submit to Xero".

3. How do I categorise card expenses in Xero?
Assigning expenses to a Xero account code can be done in a number of ways.

  1. The cardholder, who taps their card at a terminal or uses their card details for an online purchase, immediately submits a tax invoice and selects a pre-defined expense category, in the push notification after the transaction.
  2. If the cardholder doesn't categorise their spend at the time of purchase, the uncategorised spend will appear in the expenses table, and anyone with permission can select a category from the dropdown.

4. How do I use Xero's tracking categories with card expenses?
Any Xero tracking categories you've configured in your account will function just like the categorisation in section 3. They'll automatically be pulled into the single-transaction view and the all-expenses view, and they're editable in the exact same way as the account code.

What credit limit will my business get?

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Get a preview of what credit limit your business will likely be allocated when using the Paytron cards product.

To get access to the base $5k AUD credit limit, your business needs to be:

  • Registered for GST,
  • Older than two years old,
  • Able to pass a basic credit check (CreditorWatch C2 or above)

Note: If your business is less than two years old, we may still be able to service you.

What if I want to increase my credit limit?
Paytron supports credit limits up to $50k AUD for eligible businesses. Increasing your credit limit above the initial $5k AUD level will require that you pass on financial documentation verified by your accountant. The documentation required is:

2 years of full financial statements verified by your accountant:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • P&L statement

Additional information you can provide that may speed up your application:

  • Access to your business ATO tax portal
  • Bank statements

What do I need to pay at the end of the interest free period?

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The total fees you will pay depend on what situation occurs at the end of the interest free period.

There are three possibilities:

  1. Scenario: You’ve paid off your total outstanding balance.
    Result: There are no more costs to pay for this statement period.
  2. Scenario: You’ve paid off more than the minimum repayment, but less than the total outstanding balance.
    Result: You will be charged for the total interest accumulated throughout the statement period (or carried over from previous statement periods).
  3. Scenario: You haven’t paid off your minimum repayment.
    Result: You will be charged a flat rate late payment fee, as well as the the total interest accumulated throughout the interest period (or carried over from previous statement periods).

Are there any personal liabilities for Paytron credit cards?

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Credit terms are determined on the company level, so individual persons are not held liable for the company credit amount.

Similarly, individual person's credit scores will not be affected by the credit review process.

Are Paytron corporate cards protected against fraud?

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Paytron cards have all the protections of the Mastercard network, including Zero Liability Protection and 3D Secure.

Zero Liability Protection

All of Paytron's corporate cards fall under Mastercard's Zero Liability Protection program.

Have peace of mind knowing that the financial institution that issued your Mastercard won't hold you responsible for “unauthorised transactions.” As a Mastercard cardholder, Zero Liability applies to your purchases made in the store, over the telephone, online, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions

ID Verification

To be issued a Paytron corporate credit card, users first need to have their identity digitally verified through a process run by either Mastercard ID (for Australian users) or Onfido (for all other nationalities). These mobile experience match digital facial scans against a photographic ID document to ensure that cards aren't issued to fraudulent actors impersonating other users.

3D Secure

All Paytron cards have Mastercard Identity Check built-in, meaning that ID is confirmed for purchases using 3D Secure.

Two factor authentication

Along with 3D Secure, key security risks like logging in and viewing card details on the mobile app are two-factor authenticated with text messages.

Reporting suspected fraud

If you suspect there has been a fraudulent or unauthorised transaction on your Paytron card. Please ensure to lock your card immediately in the Paytron mobile app or web app while we investigate your dispute.

A Paytron specialist can help you investigate your dispute.

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