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Paytron gives the best exchange rates and it’s the simplest and fastest way of making payments. It’s a win for us every time we use it.

Sam Skontos

Sam Skontos
CEO and Director of IQU

Paytron multi-currency accounts in 37 currencies

Send money to AU, UK, USA and EU like a local business

No need for SWIFT. We operate on local payment rails with Paytron Direct, which means you can send money to the AU, UK, USA and EU within the same day just like a local.

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International batch payments

Process hundreds of international payments through a simple file upload and bulk approve them in just one click. No need for bank visits.

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FX made easy and affordable

Built-in FX conversion calculators make it easy to plan international transfer costs to better manage cashflow. Bank beating FX rates helps you save up to 90% on FX costs.

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Always know where your money is

Have a bird’s eye view of the status of every payment. From “Scheduled” to “In flight”, our payments dashboard provides you with complete visibility for peace of mind.

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