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Pay by card

Earn rewards and improve cashflow

Pay any vendor by card globally without a hitch.

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Utilise your payments to accumulate extra benefits

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Earn rewards

Rewards aren’t just for your everyday payments. Earn rebates, points, miles and more when you pay vendors with your credit card.

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Improve cashflow

Pay vendors by card to defer payments and free up your cashflow. All payments are made via electronic transfer, so it even works with vendors that don’t typically accept cards.

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Send international transfers with any card

Use your AMEX, Mastercard or Visa card and we’ll send the payment - international transfers without card location restrictions.

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Easy to use. One time setup.

Get started and reap the rewards. See how it works.


Decide what bills you want to pay by card.


Add your AMEX, Mastercard or Visa card.


Make a card payment with your credit or debit card, whether the supplier accepts card payments or not!


Paytron will charge your card for the payment (plus an industry-standard transaction fee) and then pay your supplier.

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