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FL0 achieves efficient financial operations with the help of automation

How Paytron helped FL0 automate all of their financial operations from payroll through to expenses.

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About FL0

FL0 (pronounced “flow”) is a cloud development and deployment platform optimized for backend services. You write the services, and FL0 creates, deploys and scales the containers running them. FL0 is founded by Dale Brett, CEO.  

The Challenge: Payroll problems, card sharing, and incorrect invoice allocation

For the Founder and CEO of FL0 - Dale Brett, time is an extremely important resource. However, Dale increasingly found his time being consumed by financial tasks because their existing processes were extremely manual and prone to errors.

Dale: “The reason we reached out to Paytron is because our accounting team introduced us to them when we were having quite a few problems with our payroll, it was pretty much extremely manual. We had multiple sets of approvals, double handling, and really once we got shown Paytron, we knew that was what we needed to use.”

The FL0 team also only had access to one card which belonged to Dale. As a result, his day would be regularly interrupted by the team asking for a company card to make office-related purchases. Additionally, the team experienced delays to approvals and payments because there were recurring issues where expense receipts or invoices were incorrectly marked and allocated.

When the FL0 team were introduced to Paytron’s approval workflows, automated invoice capture, payroll payments and more by their accountant, they discovered the tool that would help streamline their entire financial operations.  

The Solution: Efficient financial operations with seamless workflows from payroll through to expenses

1. Accurate and punctual payroll with the help of approval workflows

Dale: “One of the biggest noticeable differences when we switched to Paytron was when we were doing our payroll before pretty much most of the team members didn't get paid on time. There were issues, and incorrect payments. As soon as we swapped to Paytron, every single team member has been paid on time, and with the right amount, and that has just been an epic game-changer for us”

2. No more card sharing with individual corporate cards

Dale: “Instead of me having to hand out my card every time someone makes a purchase, we're able to really quickly and easily create new cards digitally and assign that to every team member. So now it makes it super quick and I don't have to keep opening my wallet to throw around my card.”

3. Error-free expense approval process you can be confident about

Dale: “With our previous systems, when we loaded up certain receipts or invoices and were approving, everything was done manually. So, items could be incorrectly marked, incorrectly allocated, and not everything even went into the system correctly. Once we swapped over to Paytron, they all automatically showed up in a line. As we viewed each expense, the actual invoice popped up next to it. I could approve the numbers and in just one click – it became super simple.”

When asked about the Paytron experience:

Dale: “A really great thing about Paytron is the customer service and the team. A big shout-out to Justin. He's always there to help us. We pretty much get any problem resolved within 30 minutes. They set a great bar for helping us and making sure we're always operating with everything that we need.”

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