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case study:
Percent and Intelligent Foundation

Percent and Intelligent Foundation tackle complex payment challenges easily

How Paytron helps Percent and Intelligent Foundation efficiently disburse complex payments to over 180 charities.

Percent and Intelligent Foundation
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About Percent and Intelligent Foundation:

Percent is a software company that provides platform and API solutions to corporate institutional clients, allowing them to offer their services at discounts to charities or make donations to charities easily. Intelligent Foundation is a charity that collects donations from Percent and distributes them to various charities.

The Challenge: Disbursing lumpy and complex donations to multiple charities

For Paul Umbrazunas, the local executive chairman of Percent and a board member of Intelligent Foundation, efficiently processing complex batch payments was critical.

Paul: “We get a whole ton of money that needs to be dispersed to different charities in different amounts. But the receipts that come in tend to be lumpy, complex, and in large batches."

Percent and Intelligent Foundation needed to ensure that donations were going to the right beneficiaries in the right amounts, and that everything was perfectly accounted for. However, when Paul looked for a solution, he found that current solutions from banks and other providers didn't fit their needs and were unwilling to cater to their circumstances.

When Paul came across Paytron's batch payments functionality, he decided to reach out for a chat.

Paul: “From the moment we, we reached out to Patron, there was like engagement, what can we do for you? How can we help you? And it wasn't this framework within which you must work. It's like, okay, this is what we have, but we can do this. If this is your problem, we think we can solve it this way. Would that work for you? And so it was an iterative and constructive process to work to a solution that suited us.”

The Solution: Seamless disbursement of funds with Paytron’s bespoke solution

Paytron's willingness to work constructively with Percent and Intelligent Foundation to find a solution that suited their needs impressed Paul greatly. Paytron provided a bespoke solution that not only worked for Percent and Intelligent Foundation in the short term but also could handle increasing complexity as they expanded.

Paul: "Since we've been with Paytron, we've made donations in the order of $5.2, 5.3 million dollars to around 180 charities. In their own way, Paytron is helping get money to charities and good causes."

Since Percent and Intelligent Foundation started using Paytron, their increased capacity to process complex payments has enabled them to partner with larger global powerhouses.

Paul: “We also do validation and vetting for Atlassian and Google (excluding the US). The beauty is it's easy and it's seamless.”

When asked about the Paytron experience:

Paul: "I would recommend Paytron to anyone. Anyone who's got complex payment needs. Anyone who wants someone that will grow with you and work with you to find a solution that fits you rather than, you know, this is the box you have to have."

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