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case study:
Poehlmann Consulting

Cut 80% of AP time and improve cashflow for clients

They use Paytron to automate invoicing, client communications, payment scheduling, reconciliation and more.

Poehlmann Consulting
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About Poehlmann

Poehlmann Consulting is a successful boutique financial consulting firm that manages the AP processes for clients in the technology, engineering, utilities and renewable energy sector.

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Their goal

Anja was looking for a way to perform and manage their AP processes all in one place.

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They use Paytron to automate invoicing, client communications, payment scheduling, reconciliation and more.

One of the services that Poehlmann Consulting offers their clients is the end to end management of the accounts payable processes.

While this is a highly valuable service to their clients, and eliminated a lot of their clients’ headaches and frustrations, it took a lot of time and effort from the Poehlmann team to keep on top of things.

Before discovering Paytron, they were:

Manually chasing approvals through long email chains with clients

Having to log into multiple bank accounts, and accounting systems to make and reconcile payments

Keeping track of everything through numerous spreadsheets and documents

It was a time consuming and highly manual process for both themselves and for their clients.

To continue serving their clients to the high standards they prided themselves on, and to grow their own business at the same time – they decided they had to make AP processes more efficient across the board.

They heard about Paytron – an all-in-one accounts payable system that allows them to run their entire AP processes (across multiple clients) from a single platform – and decided to test it out.

Rather than chasing clients for approvals using email and an excel spreadsheet, invoices are presented digitally for approval saving time and reducing manual work.

Rather than signing into multiple bank accounts to make payments, they can now access their bank accounts and control mass payments all in one place (with all the proper financial controls and checks in place).

Finally, after the payments are made, the invoices automatically get reconciled in their clients’ accounting system (Xero) and send remittance advice to their suppliers, saving hours of manual work.

It was an immediate improvement for both their business, and also for their clients too.

Their clients now get better cashflow (invoices being paid exactly on time – rather than before or after the due date), and there’s less time wasted chasing invoices internally.

For Poehlmann Consulting, they have been able to cut their AP processing time by 80%.

This allowed them to focus on providing more high-value services to their clients.

They have eliminated errors and late payments, and improved their clients’ cashflow.

Poehlmann Consulting is now onboarding even more clients and growing their business, all the while delivering even better results for their clients.

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