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Replace high fees and payment delays with speed and profit

Learn how Aladdin overcame the payment services providers who were holding him back.

Smart Sell Club
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Aladdin Yousef is an eCommerce entrepreneur with two fast-growing online platforms.

His software company powers two rapidly expanding businesses, with more in the works.

His affiliate app helps Shopify stores achieve greater success with affiliate marketing.

And his other business – Smart Sell Club connects Shopify merchants with Shopify dropshippers and helps them scale their businesses without paid traffic.

Aladdin’s success with helping Shopify stores, merchants and dropshippers build their businesses has made his online resources the go-to places for growth.

And there’s one essential mechanic behind them: “Getting people paid – quickly,” he says.

“Because cashflow is often an issue for businesses."

“We’re a software company that connects two kinds of sellers: a dropshipper and a wholesaler. We have different parties to pay to ensure this process works smoothly.”

But, at the beginning, achieving this was expensive and took a lot of work.

“We had three big problems with our previous payment services provider: time delays, implementation, and pricing.”

“In our businesses, we need to pay quickly. We need support tools that are quick to work. And, like every other business, we need cost-effective tools.”

And as Aladdin’s fast-growing businesses got bigger, the weight of these anchors got heavier. He needed a solution – and fast.

“My goals were simple: I needed someone who could make fast payments, and at affordable rates.”

For Aladdin, his initial search had him thinking such a provider didn’t exist.

“When we built our software there was one obstacle: how are we going to pay our suppliers?"

“We looked and searched and all we found was our previous provider, which is why we went with them. At the time we didn’t know about Paytron.”

But an important encounter changed that.

“We have an office at an innovation hub and a friend, Jacqui, who was aware of the challenges we were having simply said:

“You should meet Paytron. They might have a solution for you.”

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Aladdin was sceptical. After all that he’d been going through it didn’t seem likely someone had what he needed.

But that changed quickly.

“I told them what I needed when I met with them,” he says. “And their reply was ‘Yep. We can do that. No problems.’

“I said ‘Really?’ It wasn’t what I was expecting.”

Aladdin, however, was quick to grasp who he was dealing with.

“They were really smart. They knew their stuff. I was dealing with the owners and developer directly."

“They gave me all the time I needed and they didn’t rush anything."

“We joined straight away.”

The breakthroughs came quickly.

“I was blown away by how quickly we were able to implement Paytron. Our developer worked with their developer and it was done within one day."

“And when I say within a day I mean a few hours."

“There was no learning curve. They walked us through how to use it and it’s so easy to use.” Aladdin emphasised the level of service Paytron gave him."

“The kind of service they provide is the same I provide my customers,” he says. “I didn’t expect this. They treat us as if we’re a billion-dollar client."

“Even after hours and on weekends. Normally you’d never reach anyone. But it’s clear they simply want to make things work for their clients."

“They’re flawless.”

Paytron’s effects on Aladdin’s businesses was immediate. And there’s one win that stands out for him.

“Automation,” he says, smiling.

“We can pay people in record time!”

“Suppliers are happy – they’ve even had funds arrive in their bank accounts within an hour of the payment being sent, something that would never happen with our previous provider.

“It’s fast, we can pay all around the world, and the price is great.”

There was also an unexpected development when Aladdin implemented Paytron.

“Paytron’s been that good it made me think ‘You know what? There’s no reason we can’t build our next project – a payment platform – using this.’

“Paytron opened up a door of possibilities of how we can pay customers – quickly and affordably. And it sparked our next major business project, which is now well advanced.”

Smart Sell Club homepage

Today, Aladdin finds running two busy online businesses a lot simpler.

“We no longer have that original obstacle anymore. We’re now profitable on the payment side of our operations and we’ve now got a doorway to a lot of other platforms I can build.”

Aladdin’s also well aware of Paytron’s role as a turning point in his success.

“My developer and I were recently talking about it,” he says. “We’re lucky Jacqui introduced us!

“The best thing I got out of being a member of that innovation hub was meeting the team at Paytron.”

A busy software company. Fast-growing online businesses. New opportunities about to launch. What’s next for Aladdin?

“Our new online payment platform which we’re building,” he says. “And as long as Paytron is there to support us, we’re going to keep building online platforms.”

Aladdin’s journey as an entrepreneur changed when he found Paytron. And with so much ahead of him, what advice would he give anyone stuck in his previous situation?

“If you need to pay anyone, go with Paytron. You won’t find anyone better. Simple as that.”

Paytron has transformed a central part of Aladdin Yousef’s online businesses.

And it’s opened the door to his next major business venture.

Get in touch to see how it can do the same for you.

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